Omni channel in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Omni channel plays very important role in customer service world these days. We will see how Omni channel is helpful to make customer satisfied and help contact centre more efficient an effective as well.

Omni channels allows your customer to connect with support team on a click. Omni channel gives access of all related information of the person to whom support team about to help.

Omni channel leads us to connect the right information to the right people at the right time. Basically, All work distribution, information management and assigning proper work to proper person is done by omni channel.

Omni channel configuration need to be implemented for assigning or routing the work specific support agent. There are few steps that we need to follow to configure omni channel.

1. Omni Channel Routing : In this step, Omni channel routs the work to the respective support Team. for that we need to create Queues first so that work can be assigned to them. We can also assign work based on Team’s skills or agents skills.Exampple, Customers residing In USA can be routed to the support team of USA or the team who can speak English. Same way, customers from India can be routed to The Team who can speak Hindi. We have to set the priority when we are routing work to queue.

2. Omni channel Presence: In this step Omni channel allow us to set up presence status. Agent availability status are stored in Omni channel presence.For examples, sometime agent may go on Lunch Break or On Leave, so these status are configured using omni channel presence status.

3. Omni channel supervisor: In this step, Omni channel allow us to configure supervisor who keep watch on all the activity conducted by support agents. Support agents’ activities are observed by the person who is set as Supervisor in Omni channel supervisor. Omni channel supervisor can see ongoing chats, can check status of live agents, also he can keep track on eho is working what? which agent is vacant from long time. basically, all supervision activities are conducted by the Omni channel supervisor.




Salesforce Developer and Active Trailblazer.

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Samadhan Yangad

Samadhan Yangad

Salesforce Developer and Active Trailblazer.

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